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Hey there! First of all, this website is not made, because I’m obsessed about myself. It’s just to let you more about me, only if you’re interested.

My name is Omar. I like coffee, and I go to the gym every day. How about we go a little bit deeper?

Ok? Let’s go!

Since very long time back, I have decided I want to deal with this life as an adventure. I want to experience many things and different things as well. Routine to me is a crime! Therefore, I had to look for a career that is never about papers and pen or recording and entering data. Instead, I looked for creativity, passion and technology.

Earlier, I hunted every volunteering opportunity. I actually devoured each and every opportunity. I spent my years after graduating from Kuwait university working and exploring The beauty of media in all its faces and colours .I worked as a graphic designer, web designer, TV and radio presenter and editor.

The twenty four hours in the day were just not enough for me. My mom was always my supporter; I can’t forget when she prepared a bag with some shirts and pants for me to keep them in my car, so that I don’t waste time going back home to change in between jobs. And to be honest with you, it was worth every minute!

My continuous volunteering in different fields of media has successfully led me to establish my own media company now, along with my partner, Fahad. We have a great team of designers, videographers, photographers, managers and creative thinkers; all in one place, in Prismic Media.

That’s briefly who I am today! If you’d like to hear more, then pass by our office anytime soon or send me an e-mail.

. you can contact me on this Email